$100B Markets
Data-Enabled Business Models

Moxley Holdings invests pre-seed / seed stage venture capital to build companies with great founders using data-enabled business models in $100B markets.

Thesis & Playbooks
We converge exponentially rapid, foundational technological innovations with $100B markets.

DNA sequencing dropping 1,000,000X+ in cost. The ubiquity of GPS-enabled mobile phones. For every “Moore’s Law” breakthrough or tectonic shift, there is an industrial market culture that the conventional tech community often cannot bridge. We partner with great founders who build the converging teams that combine the best of both worlds.

We believe the most differentiated capital comes from people who work with great founders before the pitch deck even exists.

Countless great founders working on humanity’s biggest problems, in industrial pillars of the American economy, are overlooked. Why? Because traditional venture capital remains geographically challenged and these investment dollars cannot find founders at the early stage where they need it most. We have the opportunity to work with founders who are building scalable, data-enabled companies, and by working with founders from day one, we can direct these companies towards success.

We leverage the dedicated data science team at Rho AI as a shared asset in the portfolio.

As a fund, Moxley Holdings is uniquely situated to provide complex and constructive data services for portfolio companies and much more . The team at Rho AI leverages many of the shared assets and playbooks that companies in industrial markets can use to build and scale, just as fast as software businesses.

And finally, we've developed an extensive and ever-growing network of partners, advisors, investors, and companies.

Finding the right partner to bring a company to the next level of scale shouldn't be difficult. Our network is being developed into a partner engine called Partner AI, through which companies in industrial markets will be able to easily connect with the best possible partners to help them bridge those gaps.

$100B markets & data-enabled business models