The SuperPick Polybag Picking System, an extension of the SuperPick platform, is the first robotic solution specifically designed for the handling of product returns.

The SuperPick Polybag Picking System is designed to solve unconstrained material handling challenges in labor starved markets and can integrate across a variety of applications.

It combines ultra-fast 3D vision with state-of-the-art gripping technology to handle items including those with the highest degree of variability.

The turnkey system is designed for order fulfillment and returns processing of items in polybags or self-sealing mailer bags.

Handling the variety and the nature of unstructured items in polybags is something that traditional automation has not yet been able to reliably address.

The SuperPick Polybag system overcomes these challenges and can handle a multitude of SKUs without re-programming or time-consuming, complex training.

It can pick, scan, and deliver identified products of varying size, shape, fragility and weight to any material handling system on the market.