Cool Planet, an agricultural technology company that develops, and markets Engineered Biocarbon technology products for soil health, has announced that it is supporting the Wilmot Botanical Gardens at the University of Florida by donating Cool Terra to support the major transplanting effort of 120 camellias from a private collection originally established by Clarence and Lillian Gordy in Ocala, FL. Out of the Gordy’s collection of 2,000 plants and 700 varieties of camellias, the specifically selected specimens will now reside at the Wilmot Botanical Gardens for visitors to enjoy.

To improve the transplant success rate, the team will utilize Cool Terra, an enhanced biochar that helps improve the health of a plant’s soil root zone.

“Wilmot Botanical Gardens was once a vibrant and popular place on our University’s campus, thriving with more than 500 different camellias,” says Dr. Craig Tisher, Director of Wilmot Botanical Gardens.

Finally, the camellias are transported to the Wilmot Botanical Gardens where they are strategically planted in slightly acidic, sandy soils beneath canopies of high pine trees.

The team then applies 10 to 25 pounds of Cool Terra to the soil backfill to help improve the soil’s performance characteristics and reduce the mortality rate of the camellias.

“We are excited to support the Wilmot Botanical Gardens by donating our soil health product to help increase the success rate of this project. Cool Terra works to optimize soil and enhance a plant’s root zone, which is a critical component of successfully transplanting plants and trees,” says Jim Loar, CEO of Cool Planet.

Earlier this year, Cool Planet and Tim Hammerich, host of the Future of Agriculture podcast, launched a multimedia project called Stories From The Soil.