Technology company Datch has secured $3.2 million.

Datch CEO and co-founder Mark Fosdike says Datch is thrilled to welcome Blue Bear Capital as the lead investor, along with support from Stage Venture Partners, Tuhua Ventures, Lorimer Ventures, Predictive Venture Partners, and Plug and Play Ventures.

“What’s exciting is that Datch does away with traditional process forms and instead uses a Natural Language Engine to give workers the freedom to conversationally capture their knowledge as soon as it’s generated. Our platform lets them do this hands-free during the job without losing valuable tool time, resulting in significant productivity gains. Further to this, there are upstream advantages to capturing and structuring this knowledge data along with the play-by-play data, leading to important breakthroughs in asset-based insights.”

Blue Bear Capital Partner Ernst Sack says they’re excited to be partnering with Datch in their mission to deploy this future-proofing AI capability into industrial operations.

Added, “We are particularly excited that Datch is bringing voice technologies to customers in important sectors like sustainable power generation and electric vehicle manufacturing.”

Datch is an intelligent voice AI for industrial environments.