Earnest, a leading financial technology company, announced today it has refinanced $6 billion.

In student loans since its inception in 2013 for over 75,000 clients across the U.S. “One in five adults carries student loan debt in America. That’s an estimated $1.6 trillion. At Earnest, we give our clients the tools they need to take charge of their financial futures,” said Susan Ehrlich.

Earnest uses technology, data, and design to build more affordable products and create an automated, faster experience for clients with competitive rates.

Earnest is the only lender to offer precision pricing, enabling clients to pick the exact monthly payment down to the dollar that fits their monthly budget.

“I graduated from UCLA with over $35,000. in student loans. Wow, did they feel overwhelming! Refinancing through Earnest allowed me to reduce my monthly payment by nearly 20% and saved me thousands of dollars of interest over the life of my loans,” shared Earnest client, Logan Allec.

In April 2019., Earnest launched a private student loan product in an effort to modernize the woefully outdated student loan application process.

About Earnest Earnest is a technology company using technology, data, and design and exceptional service to build more affordable financial products, deliver them to more people, and engage through more human experiences.