“The EnMass team’s passion and vision are informed by their first-hand experience in why waste-to-energy economies have failed to scale in the past, and their innovative data and connectivity-driven software solutions that get waste streams to their highest-value use while helping enterprise clients secure the feedstock they need to reliably build and operate their sustainable energy projects.”

“Advancing our waste-to-energy marketplace technology and logistics solutions will help us rapidly scale to meet the growing needs of our energy clients and our waste suppliers.”

With this funding, EnMass is launching an online marketplace for waste to energy procurement, enabling enterprise companies that want to source waste materials, including everything from poultry waste to food waste, to convert into energy in support of the client’s operations.

EnMass connects all the parties in waste to energy – suppliers, transporters, trucking companies, warehousing, processors, and last-mile deliveries – through a single, secure, cloud-based platform.

About EnMass Energy: Powered by a growing network of local and international logistics and transportation partners, EnMass Energy’s leading waste-to-energy technology platform connects waste suppliers with operators of energy projects, and seamlessly solves for the entire supply chain.

EnMass was founded in 2012 to focus on the global renewable energy sector, connecting organizations focused on building, supplying and investing in power projects using waste materials as feedstock.

EnMass also provides advisory services staffed by supply chain and energy experts with decades of experience in complex energy projects.