How startup ideas are conceived and nurtured was the focus of the guests on today’s Entrepreneurs are Everywhere radio show.

Dakin Sloss, co-founder of Tachyus, which offers predictive analytics and quantitative optimization for the petroleum industry Ajeet Singh, co-founder of ThoughtSpot, provider of search-driven analytics.

While building OpenGov, Dakin learned that founders must maintain the vision for their startup idea while being flexible about how best to achieve it:Lots of people have visions.

Leaving a big company like Oracle to work at a startup was an eye-opener fo rAjeet: In a large company, you come up with new ideas but then you are mostly fighting the system.

So much of building a company is about people, independent of the particular subject that you’re focusing on, and so much is about setting things up for it to be a great environment for people to collaborate, to trust each other.

Having the opportunity to make a difference in the world drives Dakin, and so does working with like-minded people:Part of what’s fun about building company is bringing together people that have a shared thesis or shared worldview.

At Aster Data Systems, Ajeet and his team ran into challenges trying to transition their product to mainstream customers:We had a lot of success working with large web companies.