In large companies innovators have to work twice as hard they spend time fighting the system. In a startup, your ideas turn into reality really, really fast.” “A startup founder needs to never lose sight of the vision, but be extremely adaptable to pretty much everything else.” “Lots of people have visions. Most are hallucinations.” In a startup, you don’t fight the system; you are the system.

Leaving a big company like Oracle to work at a startup was an eye-opener for Ajeet: In a large company, you come up with new ideas but then you are mostly fighting the system.

So much of building a company is about people, independent of the particular subject that you’re focusing on, and so much is about setting things up for it to be a great environment for people to collaborate, to trust each other.

The really the big advantage you have as a small company, is that you can get a lot of things wrong but as long as you get people around the table that are flexible, are good communicators, and are smart, you’re going to be able to figure a lot of things out.

We tried to sell inside Silicon Valley, so these were all tech companies.

We struggled with our messaging, how we positioned our product to companies that were in the Valley versus outside.

A lot of them do not have the engineering talent that companies in the Valley do.