Paravel’s nylon fold-up collection, which also includes a fold-up backpack and packing cubes, is so genius that the fold-up bag actually sold 16,000 times in three months and has been restocked seven times.

After a recent trip to Antarctica to learn more about the climate crisis, Paravel co-founder IndrĂ© Rockefeller found herself wondering how her company could make strides to lower its carbon footprint, and that’s when the idea for a better, more sustainable Fold-Up collection was born.

Beginning today, all of Paravel’s cult-favorite fold-up styles are available in an upgraded format that uses 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles for its material.

To kick off Paravel’s roll-out of a full line of sustainable products, you can shop the full Negative Nylon collection, including the Fold-Up Bag, the Fold-Up Backpack, the Packing Cubes Trio, the Mini Fold-Up Backpack, and Shoe Cube Duo, which are now all made from recycled water bottles.

Paravel even mentions how many bottles were used for each item, ranging from 22 bottles used for the Fold-Up Bag to 15 used for the Fold-Up Backpack.