The current standstill isn’t stopping some companies from planning for a better, brighter future, and at the forefront of this movement-at least in the travel goods space-is a storied name, synonymous with revolutionizing the business landscape: Rockefeller.

“I have always viewed travel as aspirational and educational, but the travel goods industry has historically been an unsexy space within travel,” Rockefeller says of starting her brand.

Worth recently spoke with Rockefeller about how Paravel has been giving back during the COVID-19 pandemic, how she’s been using this time to help her brand reach its goal of 100 percent sustainability by 2021 and what the future of travel will look like in a post-coronavirus world.

Q: Obviously, there’s a crisis happening right now, and I wanted to ask you a little bit about how Paravel is coping at this time, especially with travel mostly suspended across the globe.

The travel goods industry had not yet aggressively tackled the topic the way some other industries had, but we were able to use a lot of the developments that had happened and push our factory, push our suppliers into being able to create some really sustainable products that we’re very proud of.

What made you want to transition into the travel and luggage space? Was that kind of a natural flow or was there some more specific reasoning behind the pivot?

On top of that, I saw travel as something that was so aspirational and educational, but the travel goods industry had always been very unsexy within a very aspirational space.