While fleet management technology or software is not new, it has taken some time for the waste and recycling industry to pick up on certain offerings in the field.

“We empower executive management, fleet managers and line staff to capture, measure and analyze the dynamics of their fleet maintenance and operating costs,” says Boetefuer.

Charles Zinkowski, director of communications for Rubicon Global based in Atlanta, says the company’s products and solutions help with fleet optimization, which includes drivers logging into routes, helps reduce “Missed” work, reduces idle time, among other key areas.

Fleet management software is essential to any solid waste collection operation, comments Boetefuer.

“Waste collection equipment is as maintenance intensive as it gets, plus it tends to have a long lifecycle. Trying to operate such a fleet without a good fleet maintenance system is the equivalent of flying blind,” he says.

“Be sure to choose fleet maintenance software that can handle the large number of work orders typical of a waste fleet, and one that has advanced data collection with extensive reporting to give you the business analysis that you need.”

Zinkowski says the key benefits to fleet management software are fleet optimization and reducing missed work.