Mark Zediker


When & How We Met

I first met Joel on July 7, 2008, through Dr. Ramona Graves from the Colorado School of Mines who had introduced us because we had done some early work on rock drilling at Nuvonyx with her. We had already demonstrated an impressive ability to bore a hole through rock with a laser, but no-one had demonstrated the ability to drill a borehole with a laser, or the ability to transmit power downhole. We started working on developing this technology on January 2, 2009 at Foro Energy and succeeded in transmitting high power down an optical fiber and eventually drilling an 8.5” diameter borehole through the hardest rock on earth.

Personal Info

  • High School / Prospect High School, Mt. Prospect Illinois
  • Favorite Band At 16 / Bands: The Who, Pink Floyd, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Head East, Rolling Stones, YES, ELO, Sha Na Na, Jethro Tull. Artists: Elvis, Olivia Newton John, Harry Chapin, Michael Jackson
  • First Car / 1963 VW Beetle
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