SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-More than a dozen businesses in California and New Mexico are poised to save a combined $3.6 million on their energy bills over the next ten years with systems from global energy storage provider NantEnergy.

These companies, which all have selected NantEnergy SmartStorage® systems in the first six months of the year, will use the systems to replace utility-provided power with emissions-free renewable energy at times of peak demand.

Paired with solar panels, NantEnergy’s storage systems and advanced battery technology give commercial and industrial customers a reliable, independent source of clean energy-whether at peak demand times when utility prices are highest or as backup power during grid outages.

Demand charges in California have increased by as much as 64% since 2014, and these charges can represent more than 50% of a company’s monthly energy bill.1 What’s more, California experienced more outages in 2017 than any other state, with outages lasting an average of 117 minutes.

“Our SmartStorage systems address both rising energy costs and increasingly frequent grid disruptions,” said Carl Mansfield, NantEnergy VP of System Solutions.

Hokto Kinoko, one of the largest specialty mushroom growers in the world, worked with Irvine, California-based Revel Energy to install a 1.04MW rooftop solar PV system coupled with a 300kW/405kWh NantEnergy SmartStorage system at its San Marcos, California processing facility.

About NantEnergy’s SmartStorage┬« Solution for C&I:. The NantEnergy SmartStorage system for C&I predicts demand peaks and cuts expensive demand charges by rapidly dispatching power from the energy storage system.