“With our systems, companies can manage demand charges, shift solar energy to more valuable times of day, and gain reliable backup power fueled by renewable sources.”

As evidence, Mansfield points to the dozen businesses in California and New Mexico that are poised to save a combined $3.6 million on their energy bills over the next 10 years after installing NantEnergy SmartStorage systems in the first six months of the year.

These businesses will use the systems to replace utility-provided power with emissions-free renewable energy at times of peak demand.

Paired with solar panels, NantEnergy’s storage systems and advanced battery technology give commercial and industrial customers a reliable, independent source of clean energy-whether at peak demand times when utility prices are highest or as backup power during grid outages.

Vitality Works, a large developer of herbal supplements based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, estimates it will lower its utility bill by 27% and save over $50,000 during its first year using a 120 kW/162 kWh SmartStorage system and a 264 kW solar PV system.

Hokto Kinoko, one of the largest specialty mushroom growers in the world, worked with Irvine, California-based Revel Energy to install a 1.04 MW rooftop solar PV system coupled with a 300 kW/405 kWh NantEnergy SmartStorage system at its San Marcos, California processing facility.

Installed at the newly-constructed City Hall and coupled with a PV system from Baker Electric, the energy storage system will not only provide backup power but also substantial reductions in electric utility demand charges.