Soft Robotics unlocks robotic automation for large, meaningful markets and labor starved industries such as food and beverage, advanced manufacturing and e-commerce.

Leveraging patented material science and AI algorithms, Soft Robotics designs and builds automation solutions and soft robotic gripping systems that can grasp and manipulate items with the same dexterity of the human hand.

Tell us a little bit about the Soft Robotics’ EOAT system.

Soft Robotics’ EOAT solution is called mGrip, which is the company’s first on-demand, modular automation system.

In March of last year Soft Robotics introduced SuperPick, the first autonomous soft robotic solution designed specifically for e-commerce and retail logistics environments.

SuperPick combines the power of soft robotics with a proprietary vision system and artificial intelligence to enable automation of highly unstructured tasks like bin picking, sorting, and order fulfillment.

The key to overcoming the SKU proliferation challenge seen in eCommerce and Retail is the advanced material science of the soft robotic gripper, which does not require complex algorithms or training to successfully grasp product.