For many of those customers, installing a modern energy storage system can address both issues and significantly reduce a company’s spending on power.

Power costs are climbing for C&I customers, despite investments in more energy efficient equipment, in large part because of the changing nature of utility tariffs.

Channel Lumber installed a solar array and NantEnergy 120-kW/162-kWh SmartStorage energy storage system and was able to reduce its demand charges by 20%, enough to shift it down from the industrial tariff to a much lower commercial rate.

Increased demand charges aren’t the only reason that C&I customers are investing in energy storage systems.

Having a reliable, cost-effective, renewable energy storage system will be a vital asset for C&I customers to protect operations.

Carl Mansfield, senior VP, oversees NantEnery’s SmartStorage lineup of intelligent energy management products and services for commercial and industrial customers.

Mansfield previously founded Sharp Electronics Corporation’s Energy Systems and Services Group and served as its general manager, focusing on developing innovative energy management and energy storage products for the U.S. market.