NASCAR team owner Richard Childress knows a thing or two about operating a race team.

Richard Childress Racing has not hoisted a championship trophy in the sport’s premier division since 1994.

The time arrived for Richard Childress Racing to lead the way in predictive analytics and AI. Other NASCAR teams have plenty of technology, but RCR wanted to be different.

The combination of predictive analytics and AI technology is known as Pit Rho, which now works with Hendrick Motorsports and Chip Ganassi Racing in a similar capacity.

As Childress’ belief in the AI technology grows, the team’s performance is increasing.

The limited on-track time might be another advantage for RCR as it continues to use predictive analytics.

RCR’s drivers are all-in with the team’s increasing predictive analytics, and if the cars’ performance continues to head in the right direction, they might hoist a championship trophy in November at Phoenix Raceway.