Rubicon, a Lexington, Kentucky-based software platform provider that offers smart waste and recycling solutions to businesses and governments worldwide, announced that the company is opening a new office space in Lexington which will now serve as the firm’s global headquarters.

The location expands the company’s existing footprint in the state and honors its Kentucky roots, the company says.

It joins the company’s other executive leadership office in New York City, which has remained in operation throughout the past year as the majority of Rubicon’s workforce transitioned to remote operations, a significant portion of which continues to be based in the Atlanta metro region.

“Rubicon is a homegrown Kentucky company, and I am proud that the Commonwealth will serve as its global headquarters going forward,” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear says.

“This is an innovative company that is changing the way we think about recycling and waste management and partnering with numerous other Kentucky companies and organizations to create a better future. Thank you to Rubicon for this commitment to Team Kentucky, and congratulations to Lexington and the surrounding region on this great new opportunity.”

According to the company, expanding the company’s presence in Kentucky is a natural progression given the state’s central geographic location and it being the company’s birthplace.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said the announcement by Rubicon, recently named one of the world’s “Most innovative companies” by Fast Company magazine, is significant for Lexington.