Officilas at State Farm Arena and Rubicon Global made sure Super Bowl LIII was not a big waste.

Rubicon Global, an Atlanta-based waste management and recycling company, said it diverted nearly 12 tons of waste destined for landfills during five large, and lucrative, events at the arena during the week of Jan. 28.

Through the week, more than 50,000 people passed through the State Farm Arena turnstiles – which included the Bud Light Music Fest and the Super Bowl LIII Opening Night.

Temporary construction in the arena included loads of mixed metals, wood, paper and old corrugated cardboard.

Rubicon said its construction and demolition team partnered with Waste Eliminator, a Metro-Atlanta roll off container service provider, to develop a sustainability plan that included a series of “Specified containers to divert specific materials during the tear-down process and implement a recycling stream solution.” In all, 15 pick-ups of 30-yard open top containers resulted in 2.07 tons of metal, 6.26 tons of wood, and 3.46 tons of paper and OCC diverted to recycling streams, Rubicon said.

Stacked end-to-end, the 15 containers would stretch more than the length of a football field.