Robinhood is introducing video into the newsfeed, with ad-free videos from CNN Business, Cheddar and Reuters.

“A lot of this is not even about making investment decisions,” Robinhood’s Vice President of Product Josh Elman told me.

“[Some users] check Robinhood very, very often just to consume the news and understand the companies that they’re watching, the ones that they are invested in and continuing to hold.

Before redesigning the newsfeed, Elman said the team did a seven-day study, where they asked subjects to create a diary of “All of their experiences reading and understanding market news.”

Among other things, Elman’s team learned that people “Really want to read news from multiple, trusted sources,” which is why Robinhood is partnering with these publications.

Along with bringing in new content, Elman said the Robinhood newsfeed also features “All-new algorithms and a whole new display layer.” Robinhood users can see the new interface for themselves, but I was curious about those algorithms.

“We start with the companies you either own and hold in your portfolio or are watching, what types of sources do you frequently like to watch and we make sure that we’re bringing you that news as much as possible,” Elman said.