The Fintech revealed a new slogan alongside the app; “Student loans that students love.” Susan Ehrlich unveiled the lenders app at Money2020 today which is taking place in Las Vegas.

After hundreds of interviews and thousands of hours of researc, Earnest created that app that is designed to allow students to apply with transparency and trust.

Rapid Eligibility Check – Allows students to see what they qualify for before making a commitment.

2- Player Design – Allows the students and the co-signers to keep track each other’s progress and both parties know exactly where the loan application is going.

Building Your Own Loan – Helping students to make an informed borrowing decision.

Earnest’s new app is showing students what in-school repayment could do for their student loans.

Kuber launched Fluid, a credit building product designed for college students to borrow up to $500 interest-free.