“Recycling is in part about economics – the value of the raw materials you’re collecting needs to exceed the cost of collecting them. Candy wrappers make that math hard because they’re made from low-value plastics,” he told HuffPost.

A few small efforts exist to curb the waste associated with hard-to-recycle materials like candy wrappers.

This month, recycling company TerraCycle and tech company Rubicon Global partnered to launched a “Trick or Trash.” program for Halloween candy wrappers.

Schools can still purchase a recycling box for snack and candy wrappers, but they’ll have to pay TerraCycle $81 to cover the costs associated with recycling these items.

In the zero-waste Facebook group of which I’m a member, I asked if folks had alternatives to Halloween candy wrapper hell.

Another option is extreme action, like banning all unrecyclable food packaging, not just candy wrappers.

When we asked Hambrose whether a gigantic trash-hauler and recycler like Waste Management would favor a potential ban on candy wrappers, he was aghast.