Rubicon Global and TerraCycle, both companies dedicated to managing and eliminating waste, recently teamed up to run a Halloween recycling initiative.

The “Trick or Trash”campaign provides free lesson plans about recycling and the circular economy to elementary and middle-school teachers, along with bins, called Zero Waste Boxes, for recycling candy and snack wrappers accumulated by students during their trick or treating forays.

Those still interested in owning a Zero Waste Box can buy one on TerraCycle or Rubicon’s web sites.

The lesson plans focus on what happens to all that candy waste after it’s tossed into recycling bins-what can and can’t be recycled, why you need to separate different types of waste, the merits of reusable packaging vs. single use, lifestyle changes that can lead to less trash and so on.

Students are tasked with dropping off their candy wrappers and related waste after Halloween is over.

Atlanta, Ga-based Rubicon Global is a tech company focused on helping businesses, cities, individuals and haulers manage waste and become more sustainable.

TerraCycle is a recycling and waste management pioneer, based in Trenton, NJ. It also recently launched Loop, which works with retailers and manufacturers to sell containers and other receptacles that are reused.