New York: Vestorly, an AI-powered content marketing platform, announced today the launch of new AI-guided content curation features to emulate marketers more effectively over time and increase engagement rates with consumers.

“Vestorly can now find patterns among abstract concepts and attempt to represent a given marketer in its content curation,” said Vestorly CEO Justin Wisz.

Through an interactive interface for users of all types, Vestorly collects volunteered information from marketers about themselves and their audience.

This explicit input is combined with implicit data, like location, devices, and demographics, and run against the depth of Vestorly’s real-time Web content search engine, which is powered by several billion data points to already provide engaging content for consumers.

The AI platform dynamically curates content, giving every Vestorly user a different repository of shareable content in their dashboard.

“It’s exciting because we’re laying the foundations for deep-learning capabilities that can reason like the marketer would, which goes far beyond simple content prediction algorithms.”

As Vestorly continues to expand into industries beyond financial services, more applications of its data-enabled content curation platform are emerging.