Pulling water out of thin air is Zero Mass Water’s big idea, and now we’ll see how far it can go.

Cody Friesen, associate professor of materials science at Arizona State University, came up with the idea to extract water from air using what he calls a hydropanel, which combines solar power, air, and electricity to create the conditions for condensation of water.

The technology is like something out of Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel Dune, and Friesen created a startup dubbed Zero Mass Water to make it real.

It’s two very different, but very innovative elements of the progress at Zero Mass Water.

They had converted a whole classroom into bottled water storage so that when parents dropped off their children, they could pick up their flat of bottled water and take it home, because there’s no water.

How do you get water for yourself, for drinking and cooking? How do you water your livestock or your fields? You start to think about not just drinking, consumption, but also advanced agriculture.

There’s about two times 10 to the 17th power kilograms of water vapor in the air, in the troposphere, which is more water than all of the fresh water on the planet.